Other interests

Outside of my academic work, I am an avid musician and graphics artist. Since 2006 I have designed paint schemes and produced engineer's drawings for RAS Completions Ltd., specialising in private and commercial aircraft. Additionally I am a software developer and user experience designer for Bodymetrics, where I apply the knowledge of 3D scanning and body shape morphology gained from my PhD to developing fast, low cost body scanning and measurement extraction solutions.

As a visual artist I work with projectors, sculpture, videos and the Processing programming language to create installations for festivals and other events. A recent project, Scatterfield, produced in collaboration with Nicholas DeBruyne and the Bartlett School of Architecture, can be seen below. Other recent performances and installations have occurred at Boomtown 2015 (Mayfair ballroom stage visuals), LOST Festival 2015 (Scatterfield - main stage), Shambala 2014 (PLYGN 3.0, woodland area) and Echo Festival 2013 (PLYGN).