An introduction

Currently a PhD student on UCL's CoMPLEX doctoral training programme, my work considers the application of mathematics and programming to problems in the life sciences and human healthcare.


Physics and mathematics have long been developed for modelling, describing and understanding the physical world. However nature's masterpiece, terrestrial life, has until recent years proved largely incompatible due to its inherent complexity.


The performance and accessibility of modern computers have enabled us to model, simulate and analyse all manner of living systems on an unprecedented scale, ushering in what has been termed by some as "the golden age of biology".


From game theoretic insights into seemingly bizarre animal behaviour to real-time modelling of conductivity across the human heart, the most exciting scientific breakthroughs of today are almost invariably driven by interdisciplinary efforts.


06/05/2016 - I have been awarded a six-month post-doctoral grant from UCL's Centre for Nature Inspired Engineering to continue this research beyond the PhD in collaboration with Harvard's Wyss Institute.


04/05/2016 - My talk, "Architectured material designs for 3D printable psuedo-fabrics in biomechanical rehabilitation", was awarded the prize for best long talk at the UCL CoMPLEX Annual Conference at Cumberland Lodge.


20/04/2016 - I've been invited to present a two day workshop on my material architectures research at the UDK, Berlin as part of the ArcInTex European Training Network.


05/04/2016 - Back in London following a very exciting month of conferences and data collection in the USA. 


09/03/2016 - I am in Atlanta, Georgia collaborating with 3DMD to produce a comprehensive 4D dataset of human biomechanical morphology.


04/02/2016 - My paper and talk, "An Electroactive Fabric With Programmable Shape, Flexibility and Surface Area" has been accepted for presentation at the Materials Research Society's Spring Meeting in Phoenix, Az. on March 31st at 11am (MST).


31/01/2016 - My talk, "Shape-morphing smart materials; the future of assistive technology" from TEDxUCL 2015 is now available online! Watch it here.


12/01/2016 - My paper, "A 3D Printable Fabric With Programmable and Anisotropic Flexibility" has been accepted for presentation at the Orthopaedics Research Society's Annual Meeting in Disneyworld, Fl. on 5th-6th March.


19/12/2015 - Delighted to be sharing the stage with this stellar lineup at TEDxUCL today!


14/10/2015 - I will be attending the MRO Europe conference today at the Excel in my capacity as a livery draftsman.


08/10/2015 - Discussing the WAM project today at the "Medical Devices and Vulnerable Skin Network Sandpit" at the University of Southampton.


14/07/2015 - MPhil/PhD upgrade passed! Full report available soon...


30/06/2015 - Appearing tonight in the finals of UCL's 3 Minute Thesis contest.


25/06/2015 - Delivering a poster and talk at the UCL Mechanical Engineering annual departmental conference.


18/05/2015 - Speaking tonight as part of the Pint of Science 2015's event "Make My World".


29/04/2015 - The entire Wearable Assistive Materials team will be running an exhibition at this evening's Science Museum Lates.


07/10/2014 - My paper "New developments and opportunities in 3D printing", written for the European Commission as part of the Horizon 2020 program, is now available in full online.


06/06/2014 - I will be doing a Q&A with my supervisor Mark Miodownik at Cheltenham Science Festival's event "How to build a bionic man".


19/05/2014 - The Longitude Prize, for which I helped devise the "Paralysis" category, is now live!